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If your like me, having two daughters, you want them to be able to protect themselves.  So what is the best martial arts system for self-defense?  I always find this question funny.  Brace yourselves, I am going to reveal the best fighting system for self-defense…

It’s a weapon.  Learning how to use a gun or a knife at close range.  I mean are we still debating this?  Weapons have been around for centuries.  I hate to break it to all of our die hard martial artists out there but your system is not going to protect you from bullets or knife wounds.  I have heard so many stories from martial artists where a knife was involved and it changes everything.  I think of knife techniques like duck and cover drills during the Cold War.  It’s better than nothing.  You might be asking me, “Then why do I teach martial art?”

My family loves guns, I have never really been that interested in them.  I live in Rancho Bernardo.  Do you know how many people I worry about in Rancho Bernardo attacking me?  No one.  You know why?  I worked hard my entire adult life so I can live in Rancho Bernardo!  The crime rate is ridiculously low.  This year there are no reported murders in Rancho Bernardo, one case of rape.  That doesn’t mean bad things aren’t happening, being a criminologist I know that stats from the UCR are not all inclusive, but I do think I will take my chances.

Why do I train martial arts?  I enjoy doing it!  I always find this silly, like in 2018 I have to be training to dodge bullets because I am still doing martial arts.  People engage in all kinds of activities for the fun of it.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep me in great shape, help improve my mood, and keep my mind sharp because I am constantly moving.  Just means that if I am at knife point I am handing over my wallet and keys unless someone is after my kids.

Top Secret Triangle Choke Defense from Silat

This escape from the triangle choke is almost foolproof. It's true you might end up in prison after using it, but at least you won't have had to tap out…

Posted by Grapplearts on Sunday, July 3, 2016