Integrity: Stand Up or Get Out

Everyday, as people, we are presented with challenges.  These challenges can attack us physically, mentally, and even spiritually.  The ways in which we react to these challenges speak volumes about our character and our pride.

Anyone who trains hard in the martial arts knows what it means to be challenged physically.Some think that training technique is the most essential aspect of training and hours should be spent practicing the same maneuver in every possible form.  I love these people.  Others think that  the best way to train is through ridiculously high stress work outs that push you to the physical limit of your abilities.  And I love these people too.  The point I am trying to make is that we may not all agree on the method of training that works best for us, as individuals, but we can certainly agree that the method that works best for one may not work best for another.

Mentally, we challenge ourselves.  We are the ones who create our internal world.  We take our feelings and swallow them selfishly and then use them to protect ourselves or for our own selfish gain.  Feelings can be our greatest strength or our greatest weakness.  Someone once said that holding on to anger is like holding on to a hot coal with the intent of throwing it.  You are the one who gets burned.  But, by holding on to anger we can also grow.  Anger can help teach us about ourselves and fuel our ambition to be better and stronger.  It can be transformed into other feelings.  Joy, passion, or even envy.  To fear an emotion is to fear the self.

And finally, we are challenged spiritually.  Spirit can be a term that is open to interpretation.  For me, it stands for the ideals that I follow in this world.  Ideals such as honor, integrity, and hope.  It is our follow through with these ideals that shows we are not mere animals who survive for our own selfish ends.  My ultimate fear is that we become a world of hedonists.  Face booking away our lives while we waste away and never truly develop any sense of who we really are.  We like this, we dislike that, and relationships fade away into a puddle of internet memes and high ideals that are passed around as internet postcards.

Some of us are already challenging ourselves on a daily basis and to me that is extraordinary.  Others feel overwhelmed and that is something I can understand.  We cannot just give in to being overwhelmed, however.  High degrees of stress can be the turning points on which we transform ourselves from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  We may relive old challenges on a daily basis, just to prove we can.  We may suffer, but that suffering can lead to incredible levels of growth and understanding about who we are and who we need to be.  Be a time traveler in your own mind.  Remember your deepest, blackest, loneliest nights and think deeply on them.  Feel them out.  Imagine to your fullest content and recreate that kind of darkness.  And then conquer it.

Conquering that kind evil helps create an inner strength that is impossible to see with the naked eye.  Any cut you receive won’t seem so deep.  Any lie you hear won’t sting quite the same way.  And anyone who stands up to challenge what you think is right will be immediately challenged in turn.  That level of integrity cannot be bought or sold to anyone because it will be part of who you are.  It will flow through you like water to nourish you when you are ill, and it will consume you like fire when the need to fight arises.  This is why we challenge ourselves.  To prove we are alive.


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5th Annual Liam’s Fund Kickathon!

The origins of the WCMAA Kickathon originated with the AVID Walkathon.  The AVID Walkathon began in April, 2005, in honor of our classmate Christina Tajyar, who had 6 brain surgeries due to her diagnosis of Arteriovenus Malformation.  I have to be honest, I barely remember how it started.  I want to say we were just figuring something to do for our Senior Project, but it sounded like a great opportunity to help someone and actually see the benefits.  Call me selfish, but when I help someone, I want to see the difference it makes.  So we started a fundraiser to see if we could raise a bit of extra money for the Liam’s Fund.  We orchestrated an event to take place on the Mount Carmel track, and pushed everyone into it to the best of our ability.  We wanted to make a difference and support other kids who needed brain surgery, due to similar illnesses, in hopes to brighten their future.

Can you imagine having to go through brain surgery?  That was my first thought.  To have to endure something like that would take an incredible amount of strength and support from everyone around you.  I have had minor surgeries, and even then one of the scariest things I have had to do in my life is walk down that hall, not knowing exactly what was going to happen to me.  That is when I heard the story about Liam Gutierrez, who endured more brain surgeries than I ever thought possible. To this day Liam has had over 80 brain surgeries. When I heard that more sophisticated equipment would reduce the number of surgeries some of these kids have to endure, I was ready to sign up full force. When Hank and I started our own business we knew we wanted to use the extra publicity somehow, and the Liam’s fund just seemed like the perfect charity to continue aiding.

Medical equipment can be expensive.  I have an emergency room bill from flipping off a trampoline that shows it(over $36,000).  Do not let this discourage you from contributing!  Even a couple of extra dollars helps. A scalpel that you were able to buy for someone who needs it can make just as much difference as that fifteen thousand dollar machine.

So how can you help the Liam’s Fund today?  Simply donate to our kickathon page below!  You can sponsor the school directly or one of our students who is going to be kicking. It’s a great opportunity to help someone learn the importance of raising money for causes they find important.

The date of the Kickathon is currently scheduled for June 2nd, from 1-2pm.  If you would like to drop by and support the students you are more than welcome!

Donate here!

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The Blog Is Now Linked

The Blog is now linked to the main West Coast Martial Arts Page… Hooray!

This is only a test of the WCMAA broadcasting system.

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Kung Fu Class 3-20-12

Amazing class run by Eric Montgomery.  The main style that is focused on is Fu Jow Pai (Hark Fu Moon) or Black Tiger Claw Kung Fu.  It is taught along with some influence from other martial arts styles.

Kung Fu Class

Kung Fu Class


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Congratulations to all Tournament Participants and Winners

A big thank you to all our tournament participants and winner.  Everyone had a lot of fun and we had an amazing turnout.  Special thanks to Master Giuseppe, Sigung Bradford, and Fenton Fong Eng.   We had an HUGE turnout which is what we expect from our amazing and dedicated students.  Keep up the good work and look forward to the next one!

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Our new blog is now online! This will be THE place to check for all of the latest news, announcements, and educational tidbits so be sure to check back often!

If you have any comments, suggestions, or requests for things that you would like to see here, please feel free to Let us know!

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WCMAA Tournament March 17th

The WCMAA Tournament for Spring 2012 will be held on March 17th at the Rancho Bernardo location. 10890-B Thornmint Road San Diego, CA 92127 (858) 451-KICK (5425)

The events are as follows:

8 am sharp to 9 am : all levels self defense 9 am sharp to 10 am : forms 10am sharp to 10:30 : all weapons 10:30 to 11:30 : sparring all levels 11:30 to 12noon : prepare for demo 12 noon sharp : demo until 12:30

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