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How High Intensity Interval Training can Help you Lose Weight!

As a father and a martial artist, one of my life long goals is to remain in shape. I stay in shape not only for my career, but for my daughter who relies on me to set an example for her. I want her to know how important it is to take care of one’s body not only for health, but for confidence as well. I have tried multiple workouts throughout the years trying to find the right one for me. Still, if having a kid has taught me anything, and it has taught me a lot, it’s that time is limited.  I regularly plan my weekly workouts only to have a sick kid or an unforeseen event make me miss or cancel my classes.  It is hard to find the time to fit in an hour long workout when juggling a career and a child, as most people can probably relate to me on this. Fitness experts say just do something, but that “something” is so vague. How do I know that I’m targeting the muscles I want just doing “something?” I kept thinking that there had to be a better system for parents like us. That’s when I came across High Intensity Interval Training. High Intensity Interval Training was just the workout I was looking for to fit my hectic schedule.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)  is a great way to get your metabolism going and to burn more calories in a shorter period of time so you don’t have to miss a workout.  HIIT programs can vary to everyone’s schedule, but here is the general idea.  You do one workout as fast and as strong as you can for a short burst of time. Then you get a short break and repeat. Now there are a few different methods to going about HIIT, but the general idea is work harder, save time, get faster results.  This fits any parent’s schedule because now parents can be more efficient with their time. By pushing your body to its limits sooner, the results you achieve take half the time it would for other workouts.

The best part about HIIT is you don’t need equipment. An example of an equipment free workout is the Tabata Interval. The Tabata consists of 8 sets of push-ups, each for 20 seconds, then a 10 second break in between sets, followed by three more exercises the same way. By coercing your body to train in these intervals, you can feel your body’s muscles burning and getting stronger while your fat dissolves!  The best part is interval training is only 16 to 30 minutes. Not only do I save money  by not having to buy hundreds of dollars worth of equipment, but I save 30 to 45 minutes of my day to play with my daughter and feed her lunch!

Perseverance is a must when it comes to High Intensity Interval Training. Many people stop when they could keep going because we just aren’t a society used to pushing ourselves physically.  There are many who set up an expectation within their workout, and once they’ve achieved that goal, they feel no need to continue. What HIIT makes you do is push your expectations further than you believed possible. By constantly pushing your body and tracking your progress through each interval repetition, you can visually see, not only through your body, but by your numbers how much you’ve improved in your workout. For this reason alone, martial artists, military, and sports enthusiasts all love HIIT.  They know their limits and can push themselves harder.  Still, it’s nice to have a coach at times who you can actually ask, “Hey am I going to be okay?”  A reassuring nod can keep you climbing your fitness goals instead of calling it a day.

If HIIT sounds like it’s for you check out our Core DE FORCE page below!  We will be offering HIIT a few times a week starting May to get people ready for summer!  A qualified coach and a variety of workouts is great, as well as a coach to help you keep going when you want to quit.  Ask about our first month special for May only!

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