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Adult Martial Arts

West Coast Martial Arts Academy of  North county Encinitas And Rancho Bernardo is proud to be  San Diego’s Premier Adult Martial Arts and Karate Academy.

West Coast Martial Arts Academy Encinitas & Rancho Bernardo San Diego Ca. offers many unique adult martial arts classes and programs.

Kempo Jiu Jitsu

The first program offered is called Kempo Jiu Jitsu.  The origin of this adult martial arts program comes from Kajukenbo. This is an American hybrid mixed martial art. The name Kajukenbo comes from the original arts of which it was composed: KA for Karate, JU for Judo and Jujutsu, KEN for Kenpo and BO for Boxing. It was developed in the late 1940s and founded in 1947 in the Palama Settlement of Oahu, Hawaii.

Kajukenbo training incorporates a blend of striking, kicking, throwing, take downs, joint locks and weapon disarmament. A driving principle behind Kajukenbo is transitioning smoothly from one specialty into the next to create an optimal response to any situation. This radical approach to training led to Kajukenbo being known as, “The First American Mixed Martial Art”.

Over the years a Black Belt under Kajukenbo by the name of Grandmaster Victor “Sonny” Gascon (AKA Uncle Sonny) branched off and moved to California. At this time “Uncle Sonny” Gascon created Karazenpo Goshinjitsu. Kara for Karate, Zen for Mind Arts, Po for Kempo and Goshinjitsu meaning the school of self defense.

This newly formulated system took the mixed martial arts approach of Kajukenbo and further expanded the techniques, principles and concepts allowing the students to continue to grow and find what works best for them. Combination fighting techniques, grab arts, gun, club, knife and kata’s were then created by Grandmaster “Uncle Sonny” Gascon. Filipino Escrima was also a part of Karazenpo goshinjitsu since Uncle Sonny learned Escrima from his family who moved from the Philippines to mainland Hawaii. You can be certain that learning the Kempo Jiu Jitsu system at West Coast Martial Arts Academy will guide you in becoming a well rounded martial artist.

Shaolin Kung Fu

West Coast Martial Arts Academy has a full program in Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu is a 1500 year old martial art that incorporates all elements of mind, body and spirit training. Within the Shaolin Kung Fu program offered at west coast martial arts academy a student will learn self-defense, Chinese weapon training and healing arts. Lessons in Shaolin Kung Fu are ONLY given privately or in small groups.

Okay. The adult program at WCMAA is a very beneficial martial arts training program that teaches you very basic skills to highly complex and effective movements. Those who join the program are assured to be part of a supportive environment where you can connect to your peers and have the best instructors to support and guide your training to a higher level. The instructors have years of experience and are very good at helping you understand and perform each movement better. The adult program is a very exciting place to improve your reflexes, timing, body coordination, self defense skills, and become more physically fit.

Robert Reyes

Adult Martial Arts

They teach fun, practical classes, where your guaranteed to learn something while getting a great workout!

Ben Thompson

College Student

I cannot say enough about west coast martial arts academy. My young son started training here 4 years ago and my husband and I joined in January 2011 when we saw how awesome all of the instructors were. My whole family has learned so much here — not only about defending ourselves, but also about character, morals, etc. This is a great place where everyone is made to feel like they can do anything they set their minds to and the instructors are fully vested in getting you to the highest level you can personally achieve. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Don Wolf

Encinitas SD, Adult Martial Arts

At first, I felt awkward enrolling at West Coast Martial Arts Academy because I am Deaf, unsure they can teach me without an interpreter. Turns out it was very easy, visually I was able to learn everything. I am proud to say they did very well teaching me despite not hearing what they say. They did exceptional at showing me what to do to learn karate. This program gave me knowledge for self-defense, and have learned kempo, kung-fu, weapons training, and Jujitsu. I am presently a 2nd degree black belt and will go for 3rd degree black belt!

Tabitha Viselli

Rancho Bernardo, CA, Adult Martial Arts

West Coast Martial Arts Academy is the school you have been looking for. It is a perfect mix of traditional martial arts (kung fu and karate) and contemporary MMA (boxing, kickboxing and bjj). We do light continuous sparring twice a week so you can learn how to apply your techniques in a mentally and physically safe environment. If you’re looking for a place to bang and beat people up this is not the school for you. If you are looking to learn and better yourself physically and mentally then this is the place for you.
I have been a student of martial arts my whole life but I did not reach my full potential until I started studying at WCMAA. The environment, the community and the instructors bring out the best in you.

Peter Califano

PUSD School Teacher, Adult Martial Arts


How West Coast Martial Arts Academy Adult Martial Arts program designed and created?

Having our roots in Kajukenbo has made it very easy to improve our training methods. The Kajukenbo system is different from traditional systems because we do not ask students to mimic the instructor but rather find what works best for themselves. Kajukenbo was a style created in 1947 by five martial arts master who came together on the island of Hawaii.

One would think that this new form would now become the most effective martial arts system in the world. On some level it has proved to be just that. Especially when you look at the former UFC champion and hall of fame member Chuck Lidell. His martial arts roots came from the same Kempo system in which we teach. Giuseppe Aliotta continued to seek out training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mauy Thai in order to compliment the system we teach. With much luck our traditional system has been enhanced with movements and principles that can make the most sense.

Giuseppe Aliotta began his journey in the martial arts in 1978 in Long Island New York when he was just five years old. He studied boxing, wrestling and martial arts, and competed as an amateur boxer at the Suffolk Pal. As a child and young adult he competed throughout grammar school and into high school in nearly every tournament available for boxing, wrestling, and martial arts. As a high school Letterman he wrestled Freestyle and Greco Roman.


His passion and dedication in competitive combative sports led him to receive a black belt in Tae Kwon Do at the age of ten years old and a black belt in Jiu Jitsu at age fifteen. At the age of sixteen he began his journey in the art of Shaolin Kempo. Although the art of Kempo/Kajukenbo helped fulfill his desire to learn from many different martial arts, he still felt something was missing. He continued his martial arts education by studying different styles such as Chinese Kung Fu, Filipino/Indonesian martial arts, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

In the early 1990’s Giuseppe witnessed a clinic given by Stephen B. Demasco on the rare art of Fu Jow Pai “Tiger Claw Kung Fu”, and his search was over. Shortly after, Giuseppe began training in the art of Fu Jow Pai under Grandmaster Demasco and began attending seminars given by Grandmaster Wai Hong, the founding father of the tiger claw system. Through Grandmaster Demasco he was able to advance his training under the guidance of long time Fu Jow Pai practitioner Master Tak Wah Eng.


Giuseppe, along with Grandmaster Demasco and Master Tak Wah Eng, visited the Shaolin Temple in China in the year 2000. While there he was asked to perform for the Abbott of the temple. He has since returned to the Shaolin Temple along with his teachers and hundreds of students for cultural exchanges as well as by himself. In doing so, he has developed a close relationship with the temple monks themselves and the Abbott of the Shaolin Temple. This relationship has given him many rare insights into Shaolin martial arts. Additionally, he has also helped host Shaolin Temple exchanges between martial arts schools on both the east and west coasts.


Though these achievement were worthy of a lifetime dedicated to studying and training in the martial arts, Master Aliotta’s journey was far from complete. The opportunity of a lifetime came forth to spend time personally with Grandmaster Wai Hong, the founding father of Fu Jow Pai Tiger Claw Kung Fu. Along with Master Tak’s and Demasco’s blessing, Giuseppe has spent the last ten years of his training in Fu Jow Pai under the watchful eye of Grandmaster Wai Hong.

In 2008 Giuseppe was asked to return to the Shaolin Temple to be honored for promoting and dedicating his entire life to the spreading of Shaolin cultural and martial virtue. After a long discussion with the Abbott of the Shaolin temple, along with permission from Grandmaster Wai Hong, Giuseppe performed the Yueng Shen Kuen, the essential form of Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu. His performance was well received and Master Aliotta has continued to devote his life to the study and promotion of martial arts and combative sports science. He has worked with inner city kids along side Grandmaster Demasco as well as helped develop a kids character development program with his brother, Master Enzo Aloitta.


Within the art of Kempo, Master Giuseppe Aliotta’s past twenty two years of devotion and training have earned him the prestigious ranking of 7th degree black belt, bestowed upon him in 2008 by Grandmaster Steve Demasco and Sijo Sonny Gascon. This honor is one of the highest ranks ever given to date by Grandmaster Demasco.

His life long journey through the martial arts has touched the lives of countless students and people he has come into contact with. His passion for spreading the magic of martial arts is undeniable, his enthusiasm unmatched, and his ability to pass on his knowledge is unrivaled. Sifu Aliotta actively teaches at his headquarters located in Encinitas, California, and also makes appearances at his sister school in the Rancho Bernardo/4S Ranch area.

Do I have to compete in order to train?

Absolutely not. Training at West Coast Martial Arts Academy is a custom experience to your needs. The truth is, although many people enjoy watching competition, less then 1% ever compete. The main reason is that many professionals have to work and take care of their families. However, we do have competitors at our schools. Should you express the desire to compete we offer you an invitation into our competition team.

When do you hold training sessions?

Training sessions are generally held in at various times throughout the day.  Please call for more info or simply fill out the form below!

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