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It’s important to remember in the new year that we all have new year resolutions, or as Zig Ziglar calls them, “new year confessions.”  If you are trying to lose weight, get in shape, fit back into a pair of pants, or take care of your mental health, what your really doing is confessing what you did wrong last year!  Luckily West Coast Martial Arts Academy in 4S Ranch has the answer.

Every year since we opened back in 2008, we do a 90 day challenges.  If gives adults and parents at our school a chance to try out our martial arts program and try to establish a habit.  We all have busy lives, especially living in Rancho Bernardo and 4S, but we have to make sure we prioritize ourselves.  Most of us have heard the example of the oxygen mask in the plane.  If something goes wrong, we take care of ourselves first and then our kids.  Most of us have it the other way around.

We now offer tai-chi in the mornings, adult beginner and advanced classes.  If you are trying to get back into shape we have you covered.  If your fitness level needs to go at a big of a slower pace there is always our tai-chi program.  It’s important to use the momentum of the new year.  If you decided to make some changes that is a great start, but now the real momentum comes from following through.