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This page is for martial arts upcoming events and free community events!

West Coast Martial Arts prides itself in hosting monthly martial arts events. We always have martial arts upcoming events to keep our students up to date with cutting edge training, clinics, camps, seminars, belt testing and graduations. In addition to these martial arts upcoming events, we have great events and specials for kids. We host special movie nights, dodge ball tournaments, nerf wars night, pizza nights etc.

To top it off, West Coast Martial Arts Academy has many affiliated schools from across the country. That means if there is a worthy martial arts upcoming events scheduled somewhere else in the country West Coast Martial Arts Academy members will be invited. For instance, West Coast Martial Arts Academy gets the skinny months ahead of time of when world class martial arts instructors will be hosting seminars right here in San Diego. If there is a martial arts upcoming events scheduled in the local area you will mostly likely see it right here as well.

We feel that it is important for students to be exposed to the highest level of expertise in the martial arts. As our slogan states ” A higher standard of training.” With having over 20 years of teaching martial arts to the public we have been able to help our students grow in the martial arts with help from our expert martial art friends. This is why we confidently bring these experts to ours school. This is also why we have this martial arts upcoming events page. We hope that you can take advantage of all the martial arts upcoming events that we will be posting. Oh and lastly, we will also make it a point to host free community events on this page.

At West Coast Martial Arts Academy we feel it is our responsibility to help the local and nearby communities that have supported us and made West Coast Martial Arts Academy one of the best martial arts schools in town. Some FREE community events you will see are local women’s personal safety classes; local Bully Prevention seminars; local Stranger Danger classes; and local home invasion courses. We are also proud to support local relay for life, Liam’s Fund, and other events pertaining to our surrounding communities. We look forward to seeing you at the next event.


Sifu Giuseppe Aliotta

West Coast Martial Arts Academy



See you at the next event!