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Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome you to our children’s character development program.   We are proud to offer you and your family the most innovative and success proven children’s character development in the world.  It is called the Five Animal Character Development Program.

The character development program that your child will be going through is based on the martial arts five animal system, modern day psychology, and good old fashioned parenting.

The five animals we are using for this program have been deemed to be the most respected throughout the history of the martial arts. It has been said that the ancient monks learned how to move, act, and think like these special animals to create a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle.

From the Dragon your child will learn to help, share, listen better and be nicer… The martial arts aspect of this animal is that mind, body and spirit become one! Now your child will be learning Dragon Respect!

From the Tiger your child will learn, confidence, trustworthiness, to walk their talk, to never to give up and to commit to excellence… The martial arts aspect of this animal is tenacity and power! Now your child will be learning Tiger leadership!

From the Snake they will learn, no yelling, no hitting, healthy eating, how to develop great focus and to control their emotions… The martial arts aspect of this animal is accuracy & speed! Now your child will be learning Snake Self-Control!

From the Crane they will learn, to never steal, admit when they are wrong, be strong enough to stand their ground even if others disagree, and to tell the truth… The martial arts aspect of this animal is balance & control! Now your child will learn Crane Honesty!

From the Leopard they will learn, to clean up their toys, brush their teeth, make their bed, to do their homework & practice their martial arts… The martial arts aspect of this animal is speed and strength! Now your child will be learning Leopard Discipline!

Because each child has their own strengths and weaknesses, some of these will come easy, but some will be more challenging. This will teach them to set positive goals. We encourage parents not to have a child earn a patch in a week, but it also should not take 6 months to earn one patch either. The estimated time frame to earn all five patches is 3 to 4 months.

After earning all five patches students can then move on to stages two and three where they can earn tee shirts or wrist bands etc…

We are 100% confident that this program will help to enhance the quality of your child’s life and we hope that you take this opportunity to add this character development system into your home.

All the best,
West Coast Martial Arts Academy