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Here are Five great ways to help your kids become more resilient if they live in Ranchi Bernardo or 4S Ranch!


Join a Mindfulness Stress Reduction program

Pioneered by Jon Kabat Zinn, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction(MBSR) has become a staple in the mental health world.  In a world that rarely lets us be present and in the moment for long, MBSR helps train your brain to stay focused on one thing at a time, helping you learn how to relax, and ultimately question your thinking.  It has become a staple in cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy.  Check out the course at UCSD and teach it to your kids.  We teach basic meditation in our martial arts classes.  It is a great skill to get started.

UCSD Guided Exercises

Teach them to Exercise

Very few activities change your mental state faster than exercise.  In fact, it is the fastest way to change how you feel.  Exercise has been an important part of resilience for highly successful individuals for years.  Teach your kids the importance of exercising everyday to reduce stress and stay fit.  Learn how to start small and progress below.  Martial arts is a great way to exercise and it doesn’t require weights, you can do it pretty much anywhere.

Exercise Progression: How Much, How Fast, and Why It’s Important

Eat Healthy

Kids are going to copy your habits, and it starts young.  If you are teaching them to eat unhealthy than you are training them to deal with health problems their whole life.  There is a lot of debate about what makes up a healthy diet these days.  Except for one area, no one is debating.  Ever.  Eat more vegetables.  How much?  The more the better.  You are never going to find a sane person debating eating more vegetables.  The more the better.  Just writing this makes me want to go eat some broccoli. We always say fit over fat, not fat over belt here at West Coast Martial Arts Academy.


Humans are social creatures, they need to feel connected and socialize with other people.  A lot of parents schedule time for their kids to play with others but not for themselves.  Your kids are going to imitate what they think adulthood is supposed to be like by your example.  Find ways to socialize more and schedule it, show your kids that it is important to be social in today’s online world.  At a martial arts school you are forced to socialize, you need someone to train with eventually.  That is a blessing for those of us who don’t want to socially interact but need it.

Meetup Online Today!

Focus on Growth

In this world of instant gratification, it is harder than ever to not want things immediately.  Are you tired of hearing that phrase?  Because I sure am.  Wasn’t morphine and cocaine easily accessible like 100 years ago?  Let’s try to remember human beings have always been fighting their impulse of immediate gratification.  Teaching kids to focus on the long term is just good parenting.  Showing your kids by having discipline and looking to the future helps them get through tough times.  As Les Brown says, tough times don’t last but tough people do.  I always here the same deal from adults.  They don’t care about belts in the martial arts.  But they always want to know how long it takes to get to black belt, it’s impossible not to care about something that is taking time in your life.  They just don’t care about the ego side of it, but of course they want to know for themselves.

Pretty easy to see why I love martial arts and want my kids in there.  You can find all these things being promoted at any good martial arts school.  It improves the community and makes everyone mentally tough.